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A request for coffee chats

Last updated December 27, 2021

This month of January went by with blazing speed. I can’t say if it’s because of school starting back up or just the massive amounts of s t u f f going on in the world right now.

On an unrelated note, I’m currently working on stepping outside my comfort zone and meeting new people so feel free to email back if you’d be interested in a coffee chat! I’d be happy to learn about all the cool things y’all are working on :)

# 3 things I’ve found interesting

  1. Velocity vs Acceleration based execution. Insightful read on how orgs can be moving fast but not be innovating. How do we have a high acceleration org rather than just a high velocity one?
  2. Switch Transformers: Larger than GPT-3. An interesting approach to deal with huge language models by ‘sparsly’ activating certain subsets of the network. Interesting to see modern ML techniques going back to expert systems of the early 90’s.
  3. Suspension of Internet in Uganda. During an election at that. Curious how something of this scale was orchestrated, let alone agreed to. Something that feels so close to infrastructure shouldn’t be freely shutdown so easily.

# 2 things I’ve been wondering about

  1. How can we make policy more accessible? Idea has been festering in my head after reading Eva Zhang’s post on ‘ Request for Startups’. Is there a better way we can track what policy makers are up to during non-election years? Maybe some sort of data mesh or platform that simplifies policy or makes it easier to view updates? Decided to take a stab at this problem during HTN2020++ this year. Devpost.
  2. Digital Gardening. After reading Joel Hook’s blog post on his own digital garden, I’ve been thinking and reflecting on my own processes for managing my garden. It’s culminated into a blog post which you can read here.

# 1 thing I’ve done

I presented a technical workshop for the first time at Hack the North 2020++! I’ve always been a little spooked of public speaking but it was really empowering to be able to go up in front of so many people (albeit virtually) and talk about something I’m passionate about. My workshop was on a gentle introduction to Docker and you can view the recording here (it’s not a Rick Roll, I promise).

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