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# 2022: Verses Technical Lead

Led engineering for pluriverse.world and interdependence.online artifacts, building technical infrastructure to support over 10,000+ signatures across both. Developed an open source package for versioned permaweb document management on Arweave and a GitHub action to automatically persist documents to Arweave.

Tech used: Vercel, GitHub Actions, Node.js, TypeScript, Arweave

# 2021: Microsoft Garage SWE

Built out third-party streaming apps, enabling non-technical content creators to livestream content using Microsoft Teams. Decoupled data models from data views by introducing a data and service layer using GraphQL. Abstracted common functionality between all four streaming apps by creating a streaming hook and error manager context with 98% test coverage.

Tech used: Jest, Teams SDK, Azure DevOps, JavaScript, GraphQL

# 2021: BentoML Open Source Contributor & MLH Fellows Class 0

Selected as one of 144 fellows to be part of the inaugural class of the MLH Fellowship program from a pool of 20,000 applicants. Implemented CLI command to containerize BentoML machine learning models, reducing dependence on external tool workflows. Proposed, implemented, and tested a distributed application-level locking module to allow multiple concurrent operations on models. Reduced Docker image size by 60% to enable lighter deployments by building Debian-slim based Docker images for model server. Created Helm chart allowing users to deploy the model storage component to a Kubernetes cluster with a single command rather than needing to follow an entire guide.

Tech used: Pytest, Docker, AWS Lambda, Helm, Kubernetes, Python

# 2021: nwPlus Co-president

Led and coordinated 7 subteams with a total of ~50 team members to run 3 of the largest hackathons in Western Canada. Led logistics for HackCamp, a beginner-focused virtual hackathon, attracting over 500+ attendees, 3.2k+ livestream viewers, and $1200 in donations to charities. Co-lead the creation of a publicly available self-learning resources guidebook for tech beginners. Co-lead the development of our hackathon portal which aims to be a central information hub for hackers to do judging, relay announcements, and view the schedule Handled 200k+ interactions on the site during HackCamp.

Tech used: Gitbook, Firebase, React, Github Actions, JavaScript

# 2020: Hootsuite SWE

Reduced mean time-to-acknowledge for alerts from hours to minutes by adding alerting and monitoring for key SLOs for several tier one services. Added monitoring dashboard and alarms for website cache with AWS CloudWatch. Increased accessibility on paid signup flow and added various end-to-end frontend tests. Implemented various A/B tests. Updated internal metrics collection tools to work with NGINX.

Tech used: React, Jest, Cypress, Terraform, Ansible, Grafana, Prometheus, JavaScript, HCL

# 2019: Hootsuite SWE

Implemented a proof of concept service mesh to break Scala monolith service into microservices. Proposal was added to the company technical roadmap for 2023. Implemented an internal endpoint to assist with data compliance requests. Defined and implemented Service Level Objectives (SLOs) for 3 of Hootsuite’s core internal services.

Also wrote a blog post.

Tech used: SQL, Envoy, Istio, Kubernetes, Docker, Sumologic, Go, Scala