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Nozick's Experience Machine

Last updated Dec 25, 2021 Edit Source

# Experience machine

  1. If “how things seem to be” is the only thing that matters to us, we have no reason to refuse this offer

  2. we are hesitant to take up this offer (we have reasons to refuse it)

    1. “We want to docertain things, and not just have the experience of doing them.” (43)
    2. “… we want to be a certain way, to be a certain sort of person.” (43)
    3. We want to leave ourselves open to contact with a deeper reality.
    • what if we made machines to tackle all of this reasons? e.g. a transformation machine, result machine, etc.
    • these machines are disturbing because they are living our lives for us
  3. therefore, experiences aren’t the only thing that matter to us

# Pryor’s analysis of The Matrix