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# Community Governance

Homeostasis of communities

Preserving the sanctity of natural interactions

# The Art of Online Governance

Source: The Yak Online Governance Primer

See also: Bartle Taxonomy of Player Types

Four Online Governance Regimes:

# Traps

  1. Techno Utopia trap
    • an attempt ’to build it better’ from tabula rasa (very ‘move fast and break things’)
    • “While this blend of tabula rasa thinking and romantic cherrypicking of reference points can occasionally lead to refreshing new insights and much-needed shedding of historical baggage, it can also lead to naive idealism and utopian, wishful thinking, and governance attempts that fail through inevitable disillusionment.”
  2. Grand Old Institution trap
    • opposite of the Techno Utopia trap
    • those involved with long-standing research/scholarship in governance and management (e.g. from academia) often approach the question as though the context of new digital tools, information ubiquity, and unusual organizing aims changes almost nothing

# Turing-Complete Governance

Source: Turing-Complete Governance by Saffron Huang