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Credible exit

Last updated Aug 2, 2022 Edit Source

One sub-branch of the Exit, Voice, and Loyalty model (based on game theory).

# Exit, Voice, and Loyalty

There are two agents.

  1. The Citizen
  2. The Government

The assumption is that there is a change implemented by the Government which negatively harms the Citizen. The Citizen has one of three actions:

  1. Exit: Citizen leaves
  2. Voice: Citizen attempts to change the situation
    1. Government can either respond with 1) Respond or 2) Ignore
    2. If the Government chooses 2) Ignore, then the Citizen must choose between Exit or Ignore
  3. Loyalty: Citizen does nothing, waits passively for conditions to improve

# Credible Exit

A few dimensions for credible exit in software: