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Digital Mindfulness

Last updated Dec 23, 2021 Edit Source

On methods to reclaim ourselves from the attention economy. How do we enable friction to give people the space to think and reflect?

reflect tries to do this a little

# Time

Source: The present time by Kernel

Instead of having sequential conferences on bulletin boards like The Well where you would take hours to craft a response to something, we ended up with a digital space where we were constantly being interrupted […] We end up in this state of constant emergency interruption which I don’t think is healthy neurologically or culturally.

This is an opportunity for us to reclaim our attention, to properly build out asynchronous experiences so that people can work in their own time rather than the rushed, ephemereal content we’re so used to now.

“I don’t want a job - I want my basic needs fulfilled and a degree of comfort and security which will enable me to make a meaningful contribution. Jobs are an artifact of the industrial age and a certain way of existing in time.” Jobs are just the societally accepted norm for fulfilling basic needs. (Bullshit Jobs)

Side note: people who introduce themselves by talking about their job make me feel really weird. You’re just describing the means you take the keep yourself alive – what are the ends? What makes you feel alive?

# Designing for slowness

“what if you had to commute to websites” https://twitter.com/spencerc99/status/1401320086183366657

Exploring the Reflective Potentialities of Personal Data with Different Temporal Modalities: A Field Study of Olo Radio

This feels so magical to me; being able to create technology that evokes and recalls, creating spaces for reflection and a chance to reincorporate rather than gogogogopleasefocusonme all the time.