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Exploit Explore Problem

Last updated Jun 16, 2021 Edit Source

Saying yes requires saying no

Machine learning

Source: Intro to Reinforcement Learning: The Explore-Exploit Dilemma

# Pendulum of life

Source: The Joy of Wasting Time by Samson Zhang

“The ideal is to find an equilibrium point between external pulls and internal pushes, between exploitation (of your current opportunities via external pulls) and exploration (of your actual passions via internal pushes)… the process of finding equilibrium often takes the form of a damped oscillation over time”

# Notes

# Regret Minimization Framework

Source: Bezos on the Regret Minimization Framework

Project yourself to age 80 and look back on your life. How do I minimize the regrets that I have? Will you regret abandoning this idea?

When you minimize future regret, you sleep well knowing you’re maximizing fulfilment.

Is a life well-lived one that is fully maximized? What if I just want to live for vibes (which are inherently unoptimizable)?

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