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In-group bias

Last updated Apr 1, 2022 Edit Source

# Your Brain on Groups

Ezra Klein in Why We’re Polarized

The most important principle of the subjective social order we construct for ourselves is the classification of groups as ‘we’ and ’they’. Once someone has become a ’they’ we are used to dismissing them, competing against them, discriminating against them even if there is no reason for it in terms of our own interests (Tajfel)

Historically, people have nurtured their prejudices as they believed they reflected reality – we disliked those we disliked because we had reason to dislike them

# Tajfel’s Experiement

Human beings evolved to exist in groups. To be part of a group and to see that group thrive meant survival. To be exiled from a group, or to see your group crushed by its enemies, could mean death. Is it really so strange that we evolved to feel the life-and-death stakes of group belonging and status?

Politics is a team sport

# Ingroup/outgroup bias