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why i always dislike introductions

# Intersectional Identities

“A man may be regarded as the point of intersection of an indefinite number of circles representing social groups” – - Cooley, Human Nature and the Social Order (1922)

Cooley imagined affiliations and interests as a system of coordinates, with each additional group determining one’s individuality and identity more accurately.

“These ‘reciprocally constructing phenomena’ that may empower one person with increasing self-actualization, burden others with exponentially debilitating oppression.” Related: the matrix of domination and intersectional theory in Design Justice

# About Page

Source: About Andrew Kortina, Wide-Eyed

“It strikes me that these labels are more often conversation enders than conversation starters, attempts to reduce a vast complexity into a neat, little word, with the lossiest of compression algorithms.”

We cheer for the clothes, not the people. As Feynman said, “honors is epaulets, honors is uniforms”

# Communication

bandwidth of communication mediums