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Last updated May 14, 2022

Ways of being

The nature of being and structures of objects. Ontology seeks the classification and explanation of things. A branch of metaphysics.

# Heidegger

Concept of dasein, which literally means ‘Being-there’. Through the use of this expression, Heidegger calls to attention the fact that a human cannot exist or be taken into account without existing in context of a world with other things – “to be human is to be fixed, embedded, and immersed in the physical, literal, tangible day to day world”

# Near-ness

# Essence

# Technology

Technology as it relates to ontology.

The train changed the way we exist – it expands the vista of existence. We are betting on new means of technology for new ways of being, ones attuned to interdependence, mutuality, etc. Emphasizing the ontology of interdependence over the ontology of separation.

“how do we reconcile technology with conviviality + care for the web of life?”

See also: prefigurative politics

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