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See also: telepresence

# Dennett’s 1981 “where am I” story

Secret experiment, Dennett’s brain is removed, kept alive in a tank of nutrients, and equipped with a multitude of radio links by means of which it executes all of its normal bodily control functions (very related to Brains in a Vat example)

Dennett’s body is then equipped with receivers and transmitters so that it can use its built-in sensors (eyes, ears, etc.) to relay info back to Dennett’s brain. This is effectively a stretching of the nerves.

“here I am, suspended in a bubbly fluid, being stared at by my own eyes …” — still can’t manage to convince himself to place himself in the tank

Dennett’s body is then trapped under a rockslide and as the radio links slowly give away, a shift in point-of-view occurs.

Is Dennett really in the tank of nutrient, really trapped beneath the soil, or really no-place at all (or both places at once)?

Point of view is a construct grounded in the brain’s experiences of control, communication, and feedback. This leaves it open to rapid and radical reconfiguration

# Telerobotics

Communication on a higher level of abstraction in which the human communicates goals and the robot comes up with the plan to achieve it

Example of going to a shop:

Our conscious high-level decisions thus serve as the impetus for the other systems to do their stuff, while still devolving substantial sub-problems to other internal agencies.

This is what T. Sheridan (1992) originally dubbed “Supervisory Control”: a type of control in which only goals and high level commands are communicated to the slave robot.