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“Time is not linear, but a series of concentric circles, like the rings of a tree. Ourselves today, our newest selves, are the outermost rings of a tree. We are comprised also of every person we were in the years leading up to today, even if those layers have compressed into the past.” Source

The main insight from Einstein’s special relativity is that time is relative. And as such, points in space-time are not totally ordered but rather partially ordered (see: Order theory).

Two observers of the same event might perceive it to have occurred at different times, depending on their relative motion. Or, in distributed systems land, two nodes may receive the same messages in different ordering, depending on network conditions.

How do your order the events in the Universe? The answer, as Lamport noted, is you order events in terms of messages that could be sent between them.

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# At your own speed


I think this is a shame – and love is my shining example. Call me crazy, but maybe it’s a good sign when things feel remarkably simple and wordlessly right. And when they do, it’s interesting to look around and notice how incredibly irrelevant speed is. Certainty means you’re moving at the speed of trust – a personal pace that ultimately has no record to beat or even road to follow

# Saving Time, Discovering a Life Beyond the Clock

Exploring the social and material roots of the idea that time is money


# Fools and their time metaphors


Gcal has turned private calendars into a shared commons. Anyone can easily pull up your schedule, and the blankness-by-default is an open invitation to take away your time. (My mom was particularly surprised to learn that tech workers often don’t use their words to set up meetings. They just “throw time” on the calendar and wait for an RSVP.)

Digital calendars misrepresent the default state of your time. It’s far from empty. You’re working, thinking, talking, problem-solving, Being. Blankness shouldn’t be an invitation to interrupt. It’s yours, it’s sacred!

The UX is additive, rather than reductive. We’re always “putting time on” calendars, never “taking it off.”

Some particularly desperate people would invent fake events and strategically place them throughout the day, making it difficult for would-be time thieves to find enough “empty” time. These protective mechanisms are band-aids. They’re what designers call desire paths

# Virtual Time

Virtual Time (Jefferson, 1985)

A git rebase-like approach to resolving conflict

# The Fish of Lijiang


A translated sci-fi fantasy short story on time.

# Nothing stops

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Original source from griefbacon

# In stories

From: Stories that use time to hurt you

“Despite how many ticks of the clock are left, there is still meaning”