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Tribe Flourishing

Last updated April 3, 2022

Related: collaborative-thinking, communities, friendship, and context-collapse

Why are we more ourselves in small group chats than our posts? Why are we more comfortable trying new things and working on projects in these smaller groups?

Is it because of bureaucratic friction at scale? Group limits?

How do we move away from the ‘other’ and towards the ‘us’? Towards collectivism and interdependence rather than individualism?

# On Building with a Squad

By Jon Borichevskiy

It is not a startup, nor an organization with a mission statement, nor a non-profit, nor a consultancy… Our calls are space we hold in which we invite one other to explore and create what wants to be built at the intersection of all our interests and diverse perspectives and past experiences. A squad is a collective identity in which I can participate to create something more intricate, comprehensive, and wonderful than with just myself.

It’s trusting everyone else in the group is committed to upholding a high-openness, high-trust, playful mode of co-creating and exploration. It’s having the confidence that whatever comes up – we will make space for the collective group wisdom to work through it and come out on the other end stronger, together.


# ‘Back to the Land’

A lot of similar concepts to FCTC around digital communalism and back-to-the-land movements

# Squad Wealth

Source: Other Internet on Squad Wealth

“Squad culture is the antithesis of neoliberal individualism. Millennials are healing from decades of irony poisoning, rediscovering what it’s like to have generative, exploratory relationships with one another.”

The squad economy primarily yields non-monetary forms of value

# Friends > Communities

Source: friends > communities, Sari Azout

“This is about building the picks and shovels for intimate, intentionally small groups of friends and Internet friends to build things together, live together, and create wealth together. Unlike the Discord communities you’re part of, the small groups I’m thinking of have to stay small to survive — they’re small by design. Can you really be yourself in group chats with 50+ people?”

Mutual Aid

Chama’s for the modern age, Communities of Fate

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