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Is there a hard truth to anything in the universe? Can we truly know anything?

“The word “axiom” means self evident truth. All of mathematics are models based on frameworks of axioms and postulates. We develop proofs and theorems from these. All facts and axioms in mathematics are fundamentally flawed.

are ideas inherently different from facts? what are the universal axioms of the universe? descartes

# Gödel’s incompleteness theorem

A great explanation video

There will always be statements that are true that cannot be proven

It basically states that if math is consistent, it cannot be complete. And if it is not complete, it must not be consistent.”

Related to Conway’s Game of Life and whether we can tell a program can halt or not.

# Verisimilitude

Truth is not binary, but rather a spectrum. Some propositions are closer to being true than other propositions.

Very related to the work of Karl Popper and his philosophy of science.

See: Descartes’ Meditations