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Value Setting

Last updated Mar 11, 2021 Edit Source

“I’ve noticed that many people compete in games they don’t understand because they are modeling the behavior of people around them. Most common is the competition for wealth as a proxy for happiness.” —Michael Seibel

Took on a large number of commitments in the past year, not everything was something I enjoyed. Been thinking about what makes work enjoyable

Ask yourself, and listen closely to your answer: “What do I like about this world? What pains me about this world?” Spend time developing your taste for what is beautiful, as well as your sensitivity to what is discordant, unjust, ugly, wrong.

Aim to be fulfilled—not excessively rich. There’s a reason why lottery winners are just as miserable as they were before. Hedonistic adaptation is inescapable.

Some insightful pieces of writing

Maybe a part of the exploit explore curve and the obsession with optionality

# What do I value

Creating the shovels for the next generation to build their sand castles

# What type of work I don’t like doing

# What I love doing

# Must haves