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Last updated Oct 14, 2021 Edit Source

Source: Kernel on Value

Interesting approach to taking a negative-space approach to defining values: the negation of what destroys value is then what must give it value.

I’m not sure I fully agree, I don’t think values follow the contrapositive (e.g. A implies B is true does NOT necessarily mean that not A implies not B)

Shared truth

Creating shared truth through fiction by dreaming the world we want to see come to fruition. I really like this, helps to explain why we need a collective vision. Reminds me of a big reason contests like this exist.

In essence, these are just social contracts (which are just shared truths that we all believe in)

Legal fiction is one that has huge influence today (enforced by the threat of violence which relies on the asymmetric power of a nation state). But it feels like we can create other fictions that we as a society can believe in (e.g. the mathematical consensus fiction)

Unfortunately, social capacity of humans mean we hit the group limit of ~150 people pretty quickly. Thus, writing and then the shared record (see: blockchain) was invented to hold societies larger than a single tribe together.