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Last updated Aug 24, 2021 Edit Source

Physical bodies perceive the senses that are input from the VR machine. Brains in a Vat experiment? question of representation and whether we need embedded systems

More on this from Anthony Tan in their piece Life in the Metaverse.

# Expression of Self

LGBT community – exploring gender identity. Super easy to express this online, and flexibility to do this more safely in an online space.

When form is fluid, stereotypes, beauty, body standards, and gender norms become less restrictive. It’s harder to judge people’s appearances when you can choose exactly how you look.

# Reality privilege

# Money and Corporations

What about economies within these metaverses? These feel important for compensating creators (via monetary incentives) and running underlying infrastructure.

“Financialization is only a means to better interactions, lives, and communities — and it should never limit or exploit those ends.” Source

How related is this to all of the financial incentives within web3 in particular and how rooted in money the whole crypto world is?