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Hello there, traveller of the web. Welcome back! You must be tired.

Why don't you enjoy a cup of calming Jasmine tea? I got the kettle going if you want some.

Welcome to my little island on the internet – I’m Jacky! I spend a lot of time here cultivating and building things I find interesting. This is my personal digital garden and organizing system of sorts.

I love playing, tinkering, and building out in the open. I’ve built a number of open-source projects over the past few years focused around tooling and infrastructure. I’m curious about how we can better incentivize public goods funding, support better interactions with computers, and be more responsible stewards of technology.

I’m working towards being a person who is unabashedly excited and curious about the world. If anything in here piques your interest, let’s find a time to chat! It’s a magical world out there and it’d be a shame to explore it alone.

A few link-gifts for you before you leave:

Enjoy your time here, feel free to stay as long as you’d like and I hope to see you around!

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