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Hello there, traveller of the web. Welcome back! You must be tired from your journey.

Come, sit! Can I make you a cup of warm Barley tea? I got the kettle going if you want some.

Welcome to my little garden on the internet – I’m Jacky! I spend a lot of time here playing, writing, and building out in the open. It’s a little unkempt in places, but I think it gives it a little charm.

Currently, I do independent research focused on better ways of relating and coexisting on the web; one without platform lock-in. In my spare time, I create and maintain a number of widely used open-source projects.

I’m curious about how we can better incentivize public goods funding, support better interactions with computers and data, and be more responsible stewards of technology.

In this era of my life, I’m working towards being someone who is  unabashedly excited and curious about the world.

Though I can’t quite yet provide you a guided tour of this digital garden, I can leave you a list of places to explore as suggestions.