New technology will save us!!

Technosolutionism in governing from just a quantized dashboard where the people responsible for making the decisions are so abstracted away from the actual problems that they need to solve

…the tendency of jobs to be adapted to tools, rather than adapting tools to jobs. If one has a hammer one tends to look for nails, and if one has a computer with a storage capacity, but no feelings, one is more likely to concern oneself with remembering and with problem solving than with loving and hating. (Silvan Tomkins, founder of affect theory)

See also: Seeing like a State, quantization

Design Justice

From Design Justice

An exclusionary and elitist understanding of what technology is and where it comes from and a lack of interest in preexisting, community-based design practices.

”… where we are wholly dependent on a handful of extraordinarily gifted entrepreneurs to lead us out of the dark ages. This is a myth.”

First, it contains a somewhat masked normative assumption that “technology adoption” is always a good thing.