Are there multiple ways of realizing intelligence?

The bitter lesson: the less human heuristics we insert and the more we improve the learning capacity of the network, the better they seem to perform.

Do we necessarily need human intelligence for machine intelligence? Are we constraining solution space with human heuristics? (see: agi)


Men have always been interested in flying. Once upon a time, scientists determined to understand how birds fly. First they watched them, hoping to correlate the motion of a bird’s wings with its upward movement. Then they proceeded to experiment and found that when its feathers were plucked, a bird could no longer fly. Having thus determined that feathers were the organ of flight, the scientists then focused their efforts on microscopic and ultramicroscopic investigation of feathers in order to discover the nature of their flight-giving power.

”You have no reason to suppose that airplanes and birds work the same way — birds have no propellors, airplanes have no feathers”