Source: Asking Better Questions in Kernel

Good questions must come from a sincere desire to learn, rather than as a veiled means of stating your own opinion.

Asking better questions is a skill, which means it can be honed and practiced.

No one likes feeling indept so many claim to know more than they actually do. Don’t lie about what you don’t know, and instead celebrate a state of not-knowing, “for therein lies both truth and liberation”.

The hope is to genuinely enjoy never knowing what you’re going to learn next

Socratic Method

A method of hypothesis elimination, where better hypothesis are found by eliminating ones that lead to contradictions.

A Socratic Circle is an approach to understanding texts. It is based off of the assumption that all knowledge is connected to prior knowledge, all thinking comes from asking questions, and that one question should lead to asking further questions.

Usually two ‘circles’ of students, where the inner circle explores and analyzes the text through questioning and answering while the outer circle observes. The outer circle gives feedback upon the first circle finishing and the two swap positions.