• Experimentally, content-specific NCCs are identified by comparing conditions where specific conscious contents are present versus absent.
  • The full NCC is the union of all content-specific NCCs.
  • Even for ambiguous figures (those weird visual illusions that have differing things depending on how you perceive it), there is a rivalry for a dominant interpretation
    • When faced with ambiguous visual information, you don’t normally experience a combination of the different interpretations. Rather, you only see one at a time, often switching back and forth between the two.
    • Binocular rivalry

Does phenomenal awareness overflow access?

  • When reading, we are conscious only of the letters attended to and the impression that there are other items displayed whose identity we don’t know. Once the cue is presented, we gain access to the unconscious information before it decays and can recall the letters.
  • Great example of why foveated rendering works so well

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