Net Neutrality

The Neutrality Pyramid: A Policy Framework to Distribute Power Over the Net by Juan Ortiz Freuler

Neutrality: “It is fundamental to our right to freedom of expression that any and all parties who exercise control over any layer of our channels of communication respect the integrity of the message that is being delivered.”

Net neutrality: separating the content layer from the connectivity layer. The rhetoric was that if we kept layers separate, it creates more value for everyone

  1. More users mean more clients for ISPs
  2. Better quality of internet service provided by ISPs is a win for users

To protect the virtuous circle, we can and should apply the core principles of net neutrality to other layers. (see Rhizome proposal)

We currently have device and net neutrality (mostly) but we should push for platform and data neutrality.

Leveraging the pyramid:

  1. Seeing the pyramid: Users should be aware of who the intermediaries are at each layer. If intermediaries do not respect our rights, we should shift to more decent providers.
  2. Observing behaviours within each layer: we need to promote enforceable rules to ensure that each level of the pyramid will be kept from abusing its gatekeeping powers. This requires open standards for interoperability
  3. Observing dynamics between layers: we need to promote enforceable rules that ensure intermediaries do not illegitimately discriminate between the actors operating in the other layers of the pyramid