Heavily attached to societal progress and the concept of defining what ‘forward progress’ even means.

Has the scientific culture of being wrong now vs a few hundred years ago changed? Would Einstein survive in the modern age? Probably not.

Hypothesizing that this is leading to small incremental changes rather than monumental new theories/original work from being developed. (see: academia)

“Science advances one funeral at a time”

People get too attached to their theories. (e.g Planck and Einstein)

Sleeping Beauties

The “sleeping beauty” of science papers are papers that are dormant for 10 years then have a lot of citations.

Usually indicative of work that was too ‘out there’ or didn’t align with existing incentive structures/measures of success when it was first published and got burried, only to be ‘re-discovered’ down the line.

Iterative science and Karl Popper’s Philosophy of science