Content only has meaning if it has context. Content thus must be empty of independent origination (it cannot exist on its own, see also: emptiness).

See also: context-collapse

Context in writing

Footnotes and marginalia are layers of context on top of the original media. These annotations situate the original media in new contexts.

Context of data

For most data in web2, the application is the context. How do we make data as first class citizens?

Does interoperable data mean context-free data? I don’t think so. I think interoperable data is data that can be translated across contexts

Context on the web

In relation to the Internet: our browsing is also very static and in a small window. By default, you can only browse on a page-level scale. What about subdomains? Apex domains (see more in DNS)? How do we expand the aperture of the web browser to encompass more information scales? (potential idea)